Rethinking Success: From the Liberal Arts to Careers in the 21st Century

Wake Forest University, April 11-13, 2012

Post-Conference Interviews

  • Andrew Delbanco, Director, American Studies, Columbia University (Historical Perspective)
  • Debra Humphreys, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, Association of American Colleges and Universities (Employment and Market Data and Trends)
  • Teresa Sullivan, President, University of Virginia (View from the Top-University Presidents)
  • Martha O’Connell, Executive Director, Colleges That Change Lives, Inc. (View From Liberal Arts Colleges)
  • Katharine S. Brooks, Director, Liberal Arts Career Services, University of Texas at Austin (Understanding Today’s Students)
  • Mallika Penmetsa, Student, Wake Forest University
  • Marc Lautenbach, Managing Partner, Global Business Services, North America, IBM Corporation (View of the Current and Future World of Work)
  • Meredith Daw, Director of Career Advising and Planning Services, University of Chicago (Real Transformational Change)