The Coalition of the Liberal Arts (CoLA) invites proposals for CoLA Courses, due on April 15th.

CoLA courses are intended to create flexible faculty and student learning communities by crossing schools, as well as student populations. Courses must be open to undergraduate students from any Emory school or college; graduate students and other faculty and staff are also welcome to participate. We invite proposals that think creatively about course structure and pedagogy. 

 CoLA courses will:

1.       Be proposed by a faculty-student course development team that includes a minimum of two faculty members from different schools across the university, at least two undergraduate students, and may also include graduate and professional students and/or staff.  

2.       Reflect a communal learning process. 

3.       Include an experiential learning component. 

4.       Connect to the larger Emory community through active engagement. 

Click here to view the full CoLA Course Call for Proposals. 

Click here to view the CoLA Course Flyer.

If you are interested in these courses but were unable to attend either informational forum, please address any ideas or concerns to Ruqayyah Strozier, CoLA Program Assistant, at