Key Questions to Consider

  • Disciplinarity and inter/multi-disciplinary
  • Deciding on a curriculum: who and what
  • Deciding on structures: how
  • Challenges and opportunities


  • Kenneth Carter, Professor of Psychology, Oxford College
  • Astrid Prinz, Associate Professor of Biology


  • Chilton Varner, Alumna, Law, and Emory University Trustee
  • Danielle Zamarelli, Nursing School Student, Executive Vice President, Student Government Association
  • Debra Vidali, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Elissa Marder, Professor of French and Comparative Literature and Chair, Department of French & Italian
  • Kristi Hubbard, Director, Center for International Programs Abroad
  • Alexander Escobar, Assistant Dean and Director of the Pre-Health Mentoring Office, Emory College