Joint Engineering Degree with Georgia Tech:

Emory College offers a dual-degree program that allows students to pursue study in either arts or science at Emory and engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In this way, students receive a well-rounded liberal arts background from one of the best colleges in the U.S., while also taking engineering courses from one of the nation’s premier universities. Students who participate in this program earn both a baccalaureate degree from Emory in the field of their choice and a B.S. degree from Georgia Tech in one of these fields:

  • Aerospace (AE)
  • Biomedical (BME)
  • Chemical (ChE)
  • Civil (CE)
  • Computer (CmpE)
  • Electrical (EE)
  • Industrial (ISyE)
  • Materials Science (MSE)
  • Mechanical (ME)
  • Nuclear & Radiological (NRE)
  • Polymer & Fiber (PTFE)

In order to receive the bachelor’s degree from Emory, you will need to satisfy Emory college graduation requirements. Normally, the program requires five years of study. Students spend three years in Emory College, then two years at Georgia Tech. Both the Emory College degree (either a B.A. or a B.S., depending on your major) and the Georgia Tech degree (B.S. in engineering) are awarded at the end of the program when you have met the graduation requirements for both degrees.

Emory also offers joint BS/BSN degrees with Agnes Scott College and Berry College through the Woodruff School of Nursing. 

Graduate Dual Degree Programs

With the Law School:

JD/MBA – Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration
Earn the Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees in four years (rather than the usual five) from Emory Law and Goizueta Business School. http://gbs.emory.edu

JD/MTS – Juris Doctor and Master of Theological Studies
A four-year program that leads to both the JD and the MTS degrees. Students select law as their primary vocation but spend an additional year pursuing theological studies at Emory’s Candler School of Theology.http://candler.emory.edu and http://cslr.law.emory.edu/

JD/MDIV – Juris Doctor and Master of Divinity
A five-year program leading to both the JD and the MDiv degrees. This joint program encourages interdisciplinary approaches to ethical issues and is offered in partnership with the Candler School of Theology. http://candler.emory.edu andhttp://cslr.law.emory.edu/

JD/PhD – Juris Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy in Religion
Candidates may pursue this joint degree offered by Emory Law and the Graduate Division of Religion. This program is open to students interested in law and religion viewed from an ethical, sociological or comparative perspective. Candidates apply separately to the law school and to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. http://www.graduateschool.emory.edu andhttp://cslr.law.emory.edu/

JD/MPH – Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health
A unique joint degree program between Emory Law and the Rollins School of Public Health that prepares students for a variety of opportunities in both the legal community and the health professions. This program may be completed in as few as three and a half years (seven semesters). http://www.sph.emory.edu

JD/MA in Bioethics
This curriculum provides students education in the discipline-specific methodologies of critical analysis, law, health, science, and ethics. Learn more >


With Goizueta Business School:

MBA/JM: Law and Business

Earn your Juris Master’s and MBA in conjunction with the Emory Law School. > More

DPT/MBA: Physical Therapy and Business

Earn your Doctor of Physical Therapy and MBA degrees together when you pursue your MBA at Goizueta and your MD from Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. > More

MBA/MPH: Public Health and Business

Earn your Masters in Public Health and MBA degrees together when you pursue the joint MBA/MPH program, offered in conjunction with Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. > More

MDiv/MBA: Theology and Business

Earn your Masters in Divinity and MBA degrees together when you pursue the joint MBA/MDiv program, offered in conjunction with Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. > More

MD/MBA: Medicine and Business

Earn your Medical Doctor and MBA degrees together when you pursue your MBA at Goizueta and your MD from Emory University Medical School. > More

With Rollins School of Public Health:

MD/MPH: Medicine and Public Health

The MD/MPH program prepares students to work as physicians in the public health field, enabling them to diagnose health problems and risk factors of individuals and communities. Learn more…

MSN/MPH: Nursing and Public Health

The MSN/MPH program combines clinical nursing skills with public health knowledge to help future nurses assume leadership roles as they deliver care to at-risk individuals and communities.

PA/MPH: Medical Science and Public Health

The PA/MPH program combines primary health care and public health to train practitioners and leaders to care for underserved populations and at-risk communities. Learn more…

DPT/MPH: Physical Therapy and Public Health

Students in the DPT/MPH program will learn to be strong leaders in preventative health care, as well as effective therapists following a public health crisis. Learn more…

Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies / Master of Public Health

The combination masters programs in Theology and Public Health prepares students to use a theological foundation when working in the field of public health. Learn more…

PhD/MPH: Doctor of Philosophy and Public Health

Students in the PhD/MPH program apply separately to both the Rollins School of Public Health and Laney Graduate School.

With Candler School of Theology:

Social Work and Theology

The Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Social Work (MDiv/MSW)* is designed for those interested in considering the role of faith and religious institutions in community health and development, the care of individuals in poverty and crisis, responses to systemic and institutional injustice, and issues of social transformation. The degree is offered in partnership with the University of Georgia’s (UGA) School of Social Work. The MDiv/MSW will be a four-year program with the MDiv work concentrated primarily in years one and four and the MSW components in years two and three.

Students must apply to and be accepted by both Candler and UGA. For information on the MDiv portion of the MDiv/MSW, contact the Candler registrar’s office at candlerregistrar@emory.edu.

Development Practices and Theology

A dual Master of Divinity and Master’s in Development Practices (MDiv/MDP) allows students to combine training and experience in international development with theological studies and formation for ministry. The MDP attends to both theoretical and applied methods of development and introduces students through interdisciplinary work to a variety of fields including global health, human rights, economics, governance, ecosystems, gender, energy and engineering. Research methods, program evaluation and assessment are central to the MDP program.

A student in this dual degree program typically matriculates concurrently in Candler and the Laney Graduate School (MDP) and may complete the requirements for both degrees in four years (instead of the five required to attain the degrees separately). The typical sequence of courses requires students to enroll full-time at Candler in the first year. The subsequent two years are in the MDP program and include two consecutive summers of full-time international field practicums. Those placements are arranged through the MDP with approved NGOs. The student is enrolled full-time at Candler in the fourth year.

The schools maintain independent application procedures and different tuition costs and candidates for the dual-degree program must apply to and be accepted by both Candler and the MDP program.

Bioethics and Theology

A dual MTS/MA-Bioethics (Master of Arts in Bioethics) is offered in conjunction with the Laney Graduate School and the Center for Ethics. This degree allows students to earn both the MTS and MA-Bioethics in two years rather than in the usual three. Typically, the first year is spent at the Center for Ethics and the second year at Candler.

The schools maintain independent application procedures and candidates for the dual degree program must apply to and be accepted by both Candler and Laney. For information about the MTS portion of the MTS/MA-Bioethics, please contact Steve Kraftchick at skraftc@emory.edu.

With the School of Medicine:


Dedicated to training exceptional students from a variety of disciplines who will become the next leaders in clinical academic medicine and biomedical research, the MD/PhD Program combines the advantages of rigorous preparation in clinical medicine with interdisciplinary training in the basic and social sciences.

The Emory MD/PhD Program is an NIH sponsored Medical Scientist Training Program.  It is designed to provide highly qualified students with the in-depth, high-caliber research training and medical education needed by academicians of the future.  Most students who pursue the MD/PhD track complete the first two years of basic science education, followed by several years of graduate study, followed by a set of clinical requirements for the third and fourth years of medical school (see “MD Curriculum”).  While in their first and second years of the medical school curriculum, MD/PhD students are also required to attend special journal clubs and graduate seminars to strengthen their understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying disease and to develop scientific reasoning and critical thinking skills.

The MD/PhD program seeks to integrate and streamline training as much as possible.  Students are provided with multiple formal and informal opportunities for faculty and peer mentoring.  The annual student retreat incorporates sessions devoted to student transitions and future career development.

Interdisciplinary graduate study in the biomedical sciences is largely performed in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences.  This division of the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers interdisciplinary training in the following life science areas:

  • Anthropology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Services Research and Health Policy
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Additionally, students may also choose to perform their research and studies in one of the many other graduate training programs, offered in in partnership with the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Science, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Rollins School of Public Health.

MD/MA in Bioethics

Designed in partnership with the Emory Center for Ethics, this program is designed to prepare students from the very onset of their medical careers to be equipped to identify, address, and assess ethical issues as they appear in clinical practice.

Students who graduate with a dual MD/MA-Bioethics degree will not only be prepared to enhance the care they provide to patients, but also will be prepared to work on issues of public policy as it relates to the provision of clinical care, to serve on or chair ethics committees, or to conduct education on the ethical foundations of clinical practice.

All students in Medicine at Emory complete a 5-month Discovery Phase, which gives students an opportunity to participate in research in their individual areas of interest.  Students with an interest in a robust program in bioethics simply replace the 5-month Discovery Phase with the MA-Bioethics Program, adding an additional year to complete the MA course requirements (5 years total is required for the MD/MA degree).  Entry to the MA year is contingent on satisfactory evaluation of academic standing and professional conduct in the School of Medicine.

Medical students may decide to apply to this program during the first few years of medical school, although students who know they will have a strong interest in this program are encouraged to apply prior to the start of medical school.

More Info

Contact: Toby Schonfeld, Director, Master of Arts in Bioethics